08 | 06 | 2018 GP Kanada / GP Canada

Due to the high volume of requests for signed items from Sebastian, we have a special process outlined below.


To get your cards or photographs signed by Sebastian

Only cards and photographs will be signed – merchandise, model cars and car parts etc cannot be signed and will not be returned.
Please send cards and photographs to the below address with a stamped addressed envelope for their return (C5 size for Switzerland and C6 size for Germany and internationally).




08 | 06 | 2018 GP Kanada / GP CanadaAutograph cards from Sebastian

Please send a written request with a stamped addressed envelope (C5 size for Switzerland and C6 size for Germany and internationally) to the address below. Any larger format envelopes will not be processed.







21 | 07 | 2016 GP Ungarn, Donnerstag / GP Hungary, Thursday Address for autograph cards, postcards, photographs to be signed

Please send cards and photographs to the below address
Postfach 2016  
Kreuzlingen 1
Please add for the postage please 2 Euro or 2 Dollar. Please note, for international shipments we do not accept shipments that we have to declare.
Any unstamped letters will be returned.  



17 | 03 | 2016 GP Australien, Donnerstag / GP Australia TuesdayAutograph opportunities with Sebastian in person

Sebastian attends all of the FIA Formula 1 Grands Prix, each of which has dedicated driver autograph sessions. Other opportunities to meet Sebastian in person will be publicised on this website.


Thank you for your support!

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11 | 25 | 2018

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