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31 03 2016 gp bahrain donnerstag gp bahrain tuesday 20160331 1150587710

The second Grand Prix weekend of the 2016 F1 season is just about to start at Bahrain International Circuit, and Sebastian Vettel draws a clear picture of the challenge ahead: “Here we will see the same Ferrari as we had in Melbourne, the same chassis. Last year we saw that Australia was not our strongest race. This year we are more competitive, we could say we are a bit closer, but then again we have different tyres, the weather is quite different, so it’s difficult to predict. We are working very hard.”

Much has been said and written about the qualifying format, which stays the same as at the previous GP. Seb gives his point of view in quite a unique way: “If you sell vanilla ice cream and everybody that comes to the shop asks for chocolate ice cream, the next day you open you are expected to sell chocolate ice cream, but instead you decide to sell vanilla ice cream again. So, I think that usually you do what your clients would like you to do, but you’re not really doing the job, I guess, if you do exactly the opposite.”

“We, the drivers, didn’t give any proposal [about qualifying]” Seb says. “We just made it clear that something is not right and that something has to change. We are drivers and we are not here to make the rules but I think for some decisions it would be beneficial to listen more to the drivers and to the fans. You have to do what’s the best for sport at the end. We just have to find the best system.”


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20 03 2016 gp australien sonntag gp australia sunday 20160321 1693672988

I obviously had a great start, I was very happy to see that I had a better start than the two cars in front of me, reminding me of Hungary last year and it worked out. It was great to see that Kimi made it as well, so we got first and second and from there we dictated the pace. The red flag didn't help us, but to be fair the most important thing was that Fernando and Esteban were alright. It was the right decision to stop the race. First time I went through I saw the debris on the track. Naturally the expectations are higher when you had a strong season last year and you wanted to close the gap. Yesterday we were a bit further away and today we were closer. In general it was a great race, I was racing flat out until to the end, I didn't want to go onto the grass but I did the lawn mower! So I don't have to do it next week when I go home, but for sure we would have liked more from today.



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19 03 2016 gp australien samstag gp australia saturday 20160319 1284353320In comparison to the Mercedes drivers we are a bit further behind than we expected, but we are happy with 3rd and 4th, especially for me as it was a bit difficult to find the rhythm in Qualifying. I felt quite good with the car in P3, but then it took some time to get back, and only in Q3 it really started to happen. I had a very good lap, and in the end, because the gap was quite big, I felt that my first lap had been good enough. There really wasn’t another half a second in there, so we called it off, and saved a set of tires, although surely we would have loved to be closer. As for the qualifying format, I don’t understand why all the people are so surprised now. It was clear what was going to happen, there were plenty of engineers and other brains that, basically, had sort of predicted what would happen. It was crazy at the beginning with all the cars lining up at the end of the pitlane, and everybody trying to set a lap time to avoid the risk of being eliminated. And then it was very quiet, same in Q2 and equally in Q3. So I don’t think that it is more exciting, it’s definitely the wrong way to go. Nothing has changed from what we had said a few weeks ago, but apparently somebody liked it, otherwise we wouldn’t have had this format…


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15 03 2015 gp australien rennen gp australia race 20150315 1145140382Spero che tutto sia a posto da voi in Italia!
Il mio italiano non é perfetto, ma cerco di imparare sempre di più...
I test di Barcellona sono andati bene... c´è sempre qualcosina da migliorare, ma siamo sulla strada giusta e speriamo da Melbourne di fare bene, molto bene…
In ogni caso non vedo l´ora di partire per “down under”...
È sempre un piacere cominciare il mondiale in Australia. Melbourne è una bella città, giovane e molto sportiva. C´è sempre una bella atmosfera. Inoltre ci sono tantissimi tifosi della Ferrari che vengono al circuito a supportarci, arrivano perfino dall´Asia che è non molto lontana dall´Australia. Sì, da pilota questo è un GP davvero tutto da godere!

Un gran saluto a tutti quanti voi, a prestissimo...


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