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10 | 10 | 2019 GP Japan Thursday at the Japanese Grand Prix featured clear skies and pleasant weather, which should continue into tomorrow, when free practice takes place. However, a drastic change is expected as from Saturday, with the possible arrival of the Hagibis typhoon in the Mie Prefecture, with very strong winds and heavy rain.

Meetings and track walk. This morning Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc, who yesterday was in Tokyo for some events involving sponsors and the local market, went for the usual track walk to check the condition of the track surface and get a first look at one of the most demanding circuits on the calendar. Back in the paddock, the two men met with their respective engineering groups to prepare the work plan for tomorrow. That could turn out to be more important than usual as it might be the only opportunity to run in the same dry conditions that are currently expected on race day.

In the hospitality. As for Sebastian, he met the media in Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow’s hospitality suite, claiming he was pumped up for what is one of the most eagerly anticipated races of the year. “I feel the fans are special here and it’s particularly enjoyable to meet them as you can sense their affection and passion.” In fact, it was the fans that were uppermost in Seb’s mind when the topic of Saturday was raised. “I think if there are 80 mile an hour winds and it’s raining sideways, it’s unthinkable that we can go out on track. It’s not so much a problem for us as for the fans in the grandstands and everyone working at the track. However, it would not be the first time that the forecast has been too pessimistic and, in the end, we have managed to run without too many problems.” The topic then switched to Sebastian’s own performance. “Following the latest updates, I’m getting positive feelings from the car and I think the pace we had in recent races, in Singapore and also in Sochi, shows that I have more confidence. I have to improve things in qualifying, because I’m still not getting all the potential out of the SF90. I hope I can manage it, starting this weekend.”


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