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2018 | 03 | 08 GP Australien | GP Australia: Preview Interview 13 Mar 2018

Sebastian, after two weeks of winter testing, it’s now time to pack up again, destination Melbourne. What kind of feedback can you provide from the Barcelona running?
I think we’re starting from a good base with our SF71H car. Now we’ll have to work on development to further explore and improve its potential. I have a lot of confidence in our team, I know how skilled and committed the guys in Maranello are.

Many teams, including our main competitors, piled up an impressive mileage this winter. What kind be said on Ferrari’s side?
We, too, did a good job in terms of mileage, putting together some 4,323 Kilometers of running. I have a personal of 188 laps, which is 875 Km, in one day and a total of nearly three thousand! We did not experience any major issue with the car, and I had fun driving it.

A lot has been said and written about our competitors’ pace in race simulation. Could you express your point of view as a driver?
Our competitors – Mercedes and Red Bull – used one type of tyres for their race distance simulation, which is something you can’t do in a Grand Prix. This has an impact on the strategies and ultimately on the result.

Speaking about tyre management: could blistering be a real issue ?
I think it’s quite normal that, after the first days of testing, every team tries to get the tyre supplier in the direction that suits their car best. We think Pirelli has done a good job with their compound selection.

Are you looking forward to the first race of the season?
I can’t wait to be in Australia, because once we get on track there, we will all be driving and racing under the same conditions. And, as I said before, I have confidence in our car.

2018 | 03 | 08 Test Barcelona 8 Mar 2018

On his last day of testing, Vettel completes a trouble-free GP simulation

Winter testing has now ended for Seb Vettel. The next time he meets up with the SF71H will be in Melbourne, for free practice at the Australian Grand Prix. The final day of testing for the German champion was given over to a programme that included set-up and tyre evaluation with different fuel loads, the classic race weekend simulation that signs off winter testing for every driver. By the end of the day, Seb had completed no fewer than 188 laps (equivalent to over 875 kilometres,) in all conditions, including a false start test, with other cars on track. His best lap was a 1’17”182, set on the new Hypersoft tyres that are making their debut this season.

“The times on these test days don’t mean much,” repeated Sebastian. “The important thing is that the SF71H has proved to be very strong, allowing us to run all day without any significant problems. We are still working on some things for the first race and it’s not really possible to make any predictions based on the performance of the other teams, because everyone is running a different programme. However, I’m happy for the guys in the team.”
It was cloudy and chilly this morning at the Catalunya circuit and then a bit milder in the afternoon, with an average temperature of 15 degrees (28 track temperature) with a few gusts of wind.

2018 | 03 | 06 Test Barcelona 6 Mar 2018

Pushing for the 800 – That’s the distance in kilometres covered by Seb today in the SF71H

171 laps of the Catalunya Circuit totals 796 kilometres. That’s the distance Sebastian Vettel reeled off in the SF71H on this the first day of the second and final pre-season test session.
This time, the weather behaved itself with air temperature reaching 15 degrees and the track hitting 26. Only wind in the afternoon affected the session.

Scuderia Ferrari set to work on the dot of 9, the car doing some laps fitted with sensors to acquire data linked to the aerodynamics. After that came some relatively long runs, switching between the Soft and Medium compound tyres. It was on the latter that Seb set his fastest time in 1’20”396, on his 66th lap.

“It was a good day’s work,” commented the driver at the end of the session. “We managed to get through our programme, even if the conditions weren’t always ideal, because of the wind.”

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