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13 05 2017 gp spanien gp spain 20170513 1403064482 I don’t know how the mechanics did it, it’s a lot of work to put together. I want to say a big thanks to the team. This morning we couldn’t do what we wanted to. We know the track and the car, and I know that it is working. In the end we could have got pole position, but I missed the apex at the chicane. I was a bit late and lost a bit of time there. But, overall, putting the car on the front row is a massive success. I think we worked really well. We realized that there was an issue and that we could fix it. Tomorrow, with the race rhythm, it will be fine, because when you get into the pace it is easier. A good start looks always good, so we’ll see, but I am confident for tomorrow and I always try to keep a smile.

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15 05 2017 gp spanien gp spain 20170512 1583444341 The conditions seemed to be quite challenging, but we can improve. I wasn’t totally  happy as I think a lot was left in the track and I didn’t find at the end. At the same time I feel the car is quick so I just need to get it right. Overall, the atmosphere is good, but obviously now I am more focused on what happened today. I think everybody struggled today. I don’t know who brought more updates but I think what really matters is who brings the best ones.

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Russian Grand Prix - Sebastian sees positives in today’s results

30 04 2017 gp russland gp russia 20170430 1664757631 I think my getaway was ok. Maybe I could have been a bit more aggressive. There was a delay in turning the lights off, so that I didn't get a proper reading of how the grid was. Still, I had a good start but we had a strong head wind all day and Bottas could get a massive tow, so there was nothing I could do. Valtteri had a great race. He drove better than the rest of us so he deserved to win. Towards the end I was flat out, I had a feeling that I could get into DRS distance, maybe on the back straight, put some pressure on him and, who knows, lead him into a mistake, but he made none. What happened swith Massa was just a bit of a misunderstanding, I wasn't sure where he was going, but I did not lose the race at that point. Now we look ahead to Spain. We had a good answer about our car in Barcelona during testing days and I don't need to think about the championship. We had a very good start. We are here to win, to do our best, but we can still learn and improve. The speed was there today, but we could have done better. Yet, we have a strong car and a strong team and there is a lot of positive aspects.

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You know he drives for Ferrari. You know he's a four-time world champion. You may even know that he gives his F1 cars affectionate nicknames. But would you like to learn a little more about the notoriously private Sebastian Vettel? Help is at hand with the first instalment of our new interview series…


2017 04 13 GP Bahrain

Q: Apart from driving a Formula One car, what is your favourite buzz?

Sebastian Vettel: Speed in general.

Q: Which film last made you cry?

SV: Lion [the 2016 film starring Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman]

Q: What are you afraid of?

SV: Tyre degradation! (Laughs)


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