15 | 05 | 2016 GP Spain, Race

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Spanish Grand Prix

Montmelò Circuit
15 May

  Pos. Time Gap Laps FL Lap
RAIKKONEN 2nd 1:41:40.633 + 0.616 66 1:28.538 38
  1st stop Lap 12 New Medium
  2nd stop Lap 35 New Medium
VETTEL 3rd 1:41:45.598 + 5.581 66 1:27.974 39
  1st stop Lap 15 New Medium
  2nd stop Lap 29 Old Soft
  3rd stop Lap 37 New Medium
Weather: air 21/23 °C, asphalt 40/41 °C. Sunny
Sebastian Vettel
Today there was a big chance to win the race, so definitely I was attacking to win, that was what I was hoping for. But that lasted up to the point where I came out after the last stop and I realized the advantage I had, with a set of tires that were a couple of laps fresher, over the guys ahead was practically not there. We struggled on the Medium tires, where Red Bull was strong, and this is the reason why Kimi and I couldn't attack, but we were very strong on the Soft tires. We decided to split the strategies between the two cars: I went for the three stop strategy, then I tried to attack the leader and I succeeded, but in the end both Daniel and myself came out behind the two stoppers. So all in all we were lacking pace, which is something we need to understand. There is nothing wrong with our car, it's good, it works well, and the stuff we brought here seems to work. My congratulations to Verstappen. The first win is one of the best moments you can have, it's something really special. So 'chapeau', Max managed to stay ahead, even if he had a lot of pressure from Kimi.

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