31 | 07 | 2016 German Grand Prix, Race

German Grand Prix

31 July

  Pos. Time Gap Laps FL Lap
RAIKKONEN 6th 1:31:21.223 + 37.023 67 1:19.572 36
  1st stop Lap 14 New Soft
  2nd stop Lap 32 Old Supersoft
  3rd stop Lap 47 New Soft
VETTEL 5th 1:31:16.770 + 32.570 67 1:18.710 48
  1st stop Lap 13 New Soft
  2nd stop Lap 31 Old Supersoft
  3rd stop Lap 46 New Soft
Weather: air 25/28 asphalt 36/38. Sunny
Sebastian Vettel
We're usually faster in the race than we are in qualifying, but this wasn't the case today: we were sliding around too much and this affected the tires as well. Fifth and sixth place was the best we could do but we obviously can't accept that, we will be working to improve and we know what to do, the stuff that's coming up for the next races has always been part of our plan. The first part of the season didn't go as we wanted, we need to work on ourselves and I, for one, had too many ups and downs which cost me some points. But we'll keep fighting. As for today's race, the decision to fit Softs in the end was a pretty straightforward one, as we had a new set available. I decided to stay out for some more laps as I did not want to go too long with the last set, with hindsight it was probably a too conservative choice as we would have had a chance to put some pressure on the car ahead. The atmosphere today, with all the German and the Ferrari flags, was incredible and from this point of view it was my best home Grand Prix ever!

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