18 | 06 | 2016 European Grand Prix, Qualifying

Europe Grand Prix

Baku Circuit
18 June

  RAIKKONEN Chassis 317 VETTEL Chassis 314
Q1 P9 1:44.936 New Supersoft - 5 laps P11 1:45.062 New Supersoft - 5 laps
Q2 P8 1:44.533 New Supersoft - 4 laps P6 1:44.461 New Supersoft - 4 laps
      New Supersoft - 3 laps     New Supersoft - 3 laps
Q3 P5 1:44.269 Old Supersoft - 3 laps P4 1:43.966 New Supersoft - 3 laps
      New Supersoft - 2 laps     New Supersoft - 1 lap
      Old Supersoft - 2 laps     Old Supersoft - 3 laps
Weather: air 28/29 °C, asphalt 38/46 °C. Sunny
Sebastian Vettel
Yesterday we weren't very strong. However, we came back today, although not yet where we want to be. We also benefitted from the penalty of Perez. Now we have to focus on a good start. I think tomorrow anything can happen for anyone. It will be a long race with a lot of laps. If I started fourth tomorrow I would be more angry. So, I think it is fine this way and that we started on the clean side. I think it's likely to make quite a big difference on a new track. Maybe I am wrong, but usually we have good starts. I've had a good feeling already this weekend, so we'll see. It's going to be a long race. We have to stay focused all through the race, it will be tough. I think it is possible to overtake, there is a very long straight. We will see tomorrow how much easy or difficult it will be, but in general I think it is possible. I am always nervous before any race, which is good because it means that I care. It has been a very tough weekend trying to find the rhythm. I believe it is easy to make mistakes. This track is surprisingly bumpy and it is not easy to find the right time and to manage hard brakings and high speed. We are happy but not entirely because the gap with Mercedes is very big, but it will be a long race with plenty of opportunities, I guess. After the weekend we will try to understand where we were losing time, but for the moment let's focus on the race, because we have all the chances to do a good job.

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