16 | 04 | 2016 GP China, Qualifying

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Chinese Grand Prix

Shanghai Circuit
16 April

  RAIKKONEN Chassis 317 VETTEL Chassis 314
Q1 P2 1:37.347 Old Intermediate - 1 lap P1 1:37.001 Old intermediate - 1 lap
      New Supersoft - 3 laps     New Supersoft - 3 laps
Q2 P1 1:36.118 New Supersoft - 3 laps P2 1:36.183 New Supersoft - 3 laps
Q3 P3 1:35.972 New Supersoft - 3 laps P4 1:36.246 New Supersoft - 3 laps
      New Supersoft - 3 laps      
Weather: air 23/24 °C, asphalt 23/24 °C. Cloudy
Sebastian Vettel
Friday is not so important in terms of position but in terms of feeling. We had a decent day and the feeling with the car was ok, but we can still improve, especially the balance. Tonight we'll have a lot of work to do, in order to get on top of everything. For sure to go for pole is always our goal, but it's only Friday so I would't stress too much. This track is quite brutal on tyres, I was sliding a lot and there was a lot of degradation. I looked at Kimi's data and saw where he was faster. This afternoon we had different programmes and this is useful to make a comparison because we can learn from each other.

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