28 | 08 | 2016 Belgium Grand Prix, Race

Belgian Grand Prix

28 August

  Pos. Time Gap Laps FL Lap
RAIKKONEN 9th 1:45:52.167 + 61.109 44 1:53.498 27
  1st stop Lap 1 Old Supersoft
  2nd stop Lap 5 New Soft
  3rd stop Lap 9 Old Soft
  4th stop Lap 24 New Medium
VETTEL 6th 1:45:36.452 + 45.394 44 1:52.728 35
  1st stop Lap 1 New Soft
  2nd stop Lap 9 Old Soft
  3rd stop Lap 23 New Medium
Weather: air 27/28 asphalt 38. Sunny
Sebastian Vettel
Today I had a brillant start. I was in second place and half a car ahead, so I could dictate the way. I could hardly see Kimi, he was in my blind spot, with Max even further right and out of sight. So I don't think what Max was trying to do would have worked. Obviously he didn't allow Kimi to move into the inside, and that prevented both of them from clearing Turn One in a normal way. We all three touched and collided, and this was bad news for Kimi and for me. Of course, with hindsight, I would have given more room to the inside, but you want to make the corner and try to race, and I gave room to Kimi, but not to three cars. Max had a bad start, he was falling behind. I think we have seen in the last couple of years that if you really dive down the very inside,the track is falling off and you basically go straight. The cars ahead have priority, and this is something he needs to understand. In that regard there was no way he could have made the corner without making contact. I don't think that me and Kimi have to change what we are doing, we respect each other and it's a pity when two cars of the same color collide.

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