01 | 11 | 2015 Mexico GP Race

“Today I had a bad start, and obviously after the contact with Daniel I was very angry, but in the end I think no one is to blame. He clearly could not avoid hitting me being too fast for the line he had chosen, but these things happen. That’s racing, even if of course it’s painful if it happens in the first corner and you have to drive all the way back.

So the race was pretty much lost at that time. I was hoping for a safety car earlier on, but it didn’t happen. I tried to catch up, but the two mistakes didn’t help. The last one obviously ended my race and I am not proud of it. The car in general was good, we were quick, the pace was promising and we were very close to Mercedes, probably we hadn’t been that close for a while. I tried everything to force it and come back. And trying too hard is probably the right explanation for my mistake.”


Pos.  Time  Gap  Laps  FL  L
NC 1:11:18.372  DNF  50 1:21.847  48
Pit-stop 1st stop Lap 1 New Medium  
  2nd stop Lap 35 New Medium  
Weather: air 24/25 °C, track 43/50 °C. Sunny  


source: ferrari.com

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