13 | 11 | 2015 Brazil GP Free Practise

"Overall it was a difficult day. We didn’t get the best timing for our run, so now we look forward to the analysis of our laps. Hopefully we can make a step forward for tomorrow and improve the car. Today everybody struggled quite a lot with the tires: they seem even more tricky than last year, but then I think it was slippery for everyone.

I tried to do the best I could, but maybe I wasn’t quick enough. The car was moving around and sliding quite a lot. Hopefully tomorrow we will be in better shape."


First Session P3 1.14.168 27 laps
Weather: air 29/30 °C, track 35/37 °C. Sunny
Second Session P3 1:13:345 41 laps
Weather: air 28/29 °C, track 33 °C. Overcast


source: ferrari.com

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