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Die Mannschaft hat eine sensationelle Teamleistung erbracht. Die Teammoral ist überragend und ich denke, im Finale den zweiten Platz zu erzielen; da muss man wirklich nicht von Enttäuschung sprechen. Es ist ein historisches Ereignis. Ich habe alle Spiele mit Begeisterung verfolgt.

22 | 02 | 2018 F1 Car Launch: SF71H 22. Februar 2018.

Erste Eindrücke vom SF71H

  • 22 | 02 | 2018 F1 Car Launch: SF71H
  • 22 | 02 | 2018 F1 Car Launch: SF71H
  • 22 | 02 | 2018 F1 Car Launch: SF71H
  • 22 | 02 | 2018 F1 Car Launch: SF71H

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2017 | 11 | 29 Abu Dhabi Test  29 November 2017.

Yas Marina – The second and final day of testing in Abu Dhabi ended at sunset. The purpose of the Pirelli test was to evaluate the new tyres that will be used in next year’s Formula 1 World Championship, including the new pink-banded Hypersofts. 
Sebastian Vettel drove the SF70H for a final time today, running off 118 laps and completing all the planned programme, which included running the different tyre compounds over both performance laps and long distance runs.

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2017 | 11 | 26 GP Abu Dhabi 26 November 2017.

I was pretty lonely for most of the race, trying to save a bit of fuel in the first part of the final stint. It was not very exciting, but that’s how it goes sometimes! The results have been worse than they could have been, but in the end we weren’t strong enough. However, it’s against the spirit of Ferrari to give up. I am sure we have a lot of things to improve and the people are very motivated. So, I am looking forward to next season. We had our chances and we took them, but we also made little mistakes here and there and I am sure they won’t happen anymore. I think we didn’t lose the Championship in any particular race; you just race and collect all the points, and in our case we didn’t have enough. I promise to push next year and do my best together with the whole team, and then we’ll see. This year we improved massively on the car; the chassis has been really strong since the first day. We made some major steps on the engine, but we still need to find some more power compared to our competitors. However, the most important thing is to focus on where we want to be as a team.

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