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2018 | 06 | 10 Today is a special day


2018 | 06 | 09 This pole means a lot to us


2018 | 06 | 08 We’re not far off


2018 | 06 | 07 There are a couple of tricky points


07 | 06 | 2018 GP Kanada / GP Canada 07 June 2018

Compared to last year, we have another car and the approach is, of course, also different. It is hard to make any prediction about this weekend. A lot can depend on what the other teams can do here and on the weather as well, as it might be raining. The track is a little bit different from any other, but we think the engine can play a role here. So, let’s see where we are. We have brought some updates here, which I am sure everyone does at some point along the season: so far, we’ve had a good and efficient car on the straights and this should help. There are a couple of tricky points, but I like this track. Unlike Monaco, which is not the best place for overtaking, I think it should be different here. However, tires play a bigger role this year. We’ve done a good job so far, but there’s still a long way to go”.


Photos © | Jerry Andre

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2018 06 10 GP Kanada

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2018 06 10 GP Kanada Message

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2018 05 24 Helm GP Monaco

GP France / Le Castellet
06 | 24 | 2018

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