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2018 | 04 | 15 This is not the result we were looking for
2018 | 04 | 14 The car was amazing
2018 | 04 | 13 I think we are quite close
2018 | 04 | 08 It was a very tough race
2018 | 04 | 12 The car is in good shape

15 | 04 | 2015 GP China  15 April 2018

I was lucky to end my race. After a collision like the one I had, I think we could have even stopped there. Obviously, the lucky thing is that the car was still working, even if the balance was gone. We lost the lead after the pit stop and that was not ideal. We were quite sure we would have come out in front, but we didn’t. The timing of the Safety Car was bad for both me and Valtteri, because we had no chance to react. After that it was clear that Red Bull was faster and I think there was no point to resist much at the way Daniel approached from behind, and then the same happened with Max. I gave him some room just in case he had a bit of tire lock-up, but then obviously he had a big one and that’s why we crashed. I think he realized he was wrong. We were both lucky to continue but it was not necessary. However, I appreciated the fact he came to me straightway because that’s the way to solve things like this, face to face. But obviously this is not the result we were looking for.


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2018 04 15 GP China

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