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2018 | 04 | 15 This is not the result we were looking for
2018 | 04 | 14 The car was amazing
2018 | 04 | 13 I think we are quite close
2018 | 04 | 08 It was a very tough race
2018 | 04 | 12 The car is in good shape

14 | 04 | 2015 GP China  14 April 2018

It’s been a great result and I am really happy for the team”, said Seb. “Today the car was amazing and it was great fighting for the front row with both cars on our own. It was very windy and not easy to get the right feeling. However, when the car is quick and works, you get a lot of confidence and that helps. We didn’t expect to be so strong compared to our competition. We made some small changes today on our car, but it was pretty good yesterday already. I made some mistakes during my first lap in turn three and six, where I had oversteer. The tires here are very sensitive, so I knew that if I kept it clean, then the final part of the lap would be better. I didn’t know what the others were doing, but I was quite sure about getting the pole because I think I was one of the last cars and so could profit from track evolution. Tomorrow the weather should be sunny, which makes the asphalt hotter. We’ll see how it works, but I think we’ll be very close”.


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