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2018 | 04 | 15 This is not the result we were looking for
2018 | 04 | 14 The car was amazing
2018 | 04 | 13 I think we are quite close
2018 | 04 | 08 It was a very tough race
2018 | 04 | 12 The car is in good shape

12 | 04 | 2015 GP China  12 April 2018

I think we should be alright here in China, even if it is difficult to know. So far there have been only two races and both were very good in terms of results, but they were quite different and here, the track is quite different too. Conditions are not the same as in Bahrain and Australia either. So, we’ll see how it goes, but I am quite confident. I believe that if we have the right balance, then we should be competitive, I just don’t know how much yet. However, we’ll try to win. After this race I think we’ll be able to tell a little bit more, but overall the car is in good shape and it is working, so I know we can be competitive.
This track is quite demanding for tires, so in terms of strategy you try to make all of them work, to understand which one has the best chances. It will be an interesting challenge, so we’ll see. Temperatures are very important here too, because it is colder and it changes the balance of the car, and the limit of the tires. But it is difficult to predict and we need to be patient. We always try to do ourjob well and even if the first two races were ok, they are behind us now. We keep learning and look ahead.


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