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2018 | 05 | 23 we have the chance to be part of this history


23 | 05 | 2018 GP Monaco  12 May 2018

In Monaco the atmosphere is different and the setting so beautiful. The history here is great and we have the chance to be part of this history. It’s definitely a place to enjoy. Winning here means a lot to all of us; if you could chose a race to win on the calendar, you would pick the Monaco GP. This is a track where you need to trust your ability and your car. This is also a weekend in which we will have different compounds, using the Hypersofts and Ultrasofts. To be honest, I think the experience in Barcelona doesn’t matter for this weekend, because the track is so different. Certainly, everything we have learned from Barcelona and the testing session will be important. There are many things we are working on and a lot of things we can do better. The challenge is always there, so we need to stay focused and do our job. We have a strong car and a strong team and it’s up to us to put everything together. Time will tell.


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Mein Herz pocht für die Eintracht

Ich glaube, ganz Deutschland würde sich freuen, wenn die Eintracht gewinnt - und ich mich auch. Es gibt natürlich viele Bayern-Fans, aber man fühlt ja auch immer mit der kleineren Mannschaft mit. Gegen die Bayern sind wir die kleinere Mannschaft. Ich glaube nicht, dass wir uns verstecken müssen. Auf dem Papier wäre es eine klare Angelegenheit, aber deswegen wird das Spiel ja ausgetragen. Natürlich pocht mein Herz für die Eintracht.

13 | 05 | 2018 GP Spanien / GP Spain 13 May 2018

Our tires didn’t last as long as for the others, so we couldn’t follow the same strategy. We had to stop again and we obviously lost two positions, and also a bit of time during the pit-stop itself. But staying out was not an option today. We had problems finding the right balance of the car and we were struggling with the front tires. Maybe the changes for this weekend had a bad impact on us, worse than the one the others had. So, I am happy to go back to ‘normal’ tires in Monaco as we seemed to struggle a little bit more than the others. Today we just didn’t have the right pace, Mercedes was faster than us and we hadn’t many chances. We tried our best, but something was missing and we need to improve on this. During the whole weekend it has been tough to find the right balance on these new tires. But I see no reason for not being optimistic for the next race.


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