I have to admit I feel frustrated today...

05 | 09 | 2014 Helmet GP Italy

Sunday 04. November 2012

Published: Sunday, 04 November 2012

Today's race was unbelievable. Starting from P23 and finishing third is a huge accomplishment and it's hard to find the right words to say how happy and relieved I am.

The team and I never lost the faith in ourselves and I guess that this was the key to our success. I am so proud of everyone in the team – they did an amazing job.
They proved yesterday that even when the decisions go against them, they won't get discouraged and back down: quite the reverse. The team immediately went back to work and did anything in their power to make sure the car would enter the race in the best shape possible.
By refusing to accept this "setback” as such proves how many strong personalities that we have a team of strong personalities who all pull in the same direction.
The early phase of the race was a bit tricky. It's weird to see 23 cars in front of you, but we never stopped believing that we could get back to the front.
One thing is for sure. Third place wasn't only important for our position in the standings, but also for our self-belief. It showed that we can achieve great things – even then when things don't go to plan. And learning that is vital.
Today also assured us that we are on the right track. The most important thing is to know what matters most and that you always keep both feet firmly on the ground.
We’ll continue like this and we’ll do everything we can to dominate the last two races and make sure that we'll be on top in the end!

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