23 | 07 | 2016 Ungarn Grand Prix, Qualifying





Hungarian Grand Prix

23 July

  RAIKKONEN Chassis 317 VETTEL Chassis 314
Q1 P8 1:36.853 New Wet - 3 laps P4 1:35.718 New Wet - 3 laps
      New Wet - 3 laps     New Wet - 2 laps
      New Wet - 2 laps     New Intermediate - 2 laps
      New Intermediate - 3 laps     New Intermediate - 3 laps
Q2 P14 1:25.435 New Intermediate - 4 laps P6 1:24.082 New Intermediate - 4 laps
      New Supersoft - 5 laps     New Supersoft - 5 laps
Q3       P5 1:20.874 New Supersoft - 3 laps
            New Supersoft - 3 laps
Weather: air 21/26 °C, asphalt 27/36 °C. Variable conditions
Sebastian Vettel
I am not happy with P5, because it could have been better. It was quite a mess at the beginning to get through, then at the end I think we had a good performance in the car. We improved for this afternoon, but unfortunately the result doesn't show it. The pace was there, but we were not able to get the lap. It's a shame because in the end it was very good, I think it was already half a second down, then there was a yellow flag which caught us out, but we kept going. Then there was a bit of traffic, sometimes it is just like that. I think we have the pace to compete for the podium tomorrow, hopefully we'll have a good start then we'll go from there. It's a long race, anything can happen here. Other than that, I think that in the race pace usually we are quicker. Usually all the people decide to do the fastest strategy possible, but there's always something you can do. If the occasion comes up to do something smart I know we have the people on board to do it, so I trust them.
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