17 | 09 | 2016 Singapur Grand Prix, Qualifying





Singapore Grand Prix

Marina Bay
17 September

  RAIKKONEN Chassis 317 VETTEL Chassis 314
Q1 P2 1:44.964 New Ultrasoft - 3 laps P22 1:49.116 New Ultrasoft - 4 laps
Q2 P5 1:44.159 New Ultrasoft - 3 laps      
Q3 P5 1:43.540 New Ultrasoft - 3 laps      
      New Ultrasoft - 3 laps      
Weather: air 31 °C, track 33/34 °C. Clear skies
Sebastian Vettel
Already in the first lap, going into turn one, something happened. Then in turn two, through turn five, I felt that the car was not the same. So far we don't really know what happened, initially I thought it was at the front, but then it felt like the rear bar had broken. I hadn't felt anything wrong in P3. Then I wanted to come into the box, but in the end we decided to stay out, and then we came in because it was hopeless anyway, we were just not quick enough, and there was no time within three or four minutes to fix the problem. For tomorrow we have a long race in front of us, with a lot of safety cars. At least we have some new tires, and even if for sure it is not an ideal situation. we can still have a good race.
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