11 | 06 | 2016 Kanada Grand Prix, Qualifying


Canadian Grand Prix

Montreal Circuit
11 June

  RAIKKONEN Chassis 317 VETTEL Chassis 314
Q1 P6 1:14.477 New Ultrasoft - 7 laps P2 1:13.925 New Ultrasoft - 8 laps
Q2 P6 1:13.849 New Ultrasoft - 2 laps P7 1:13.857 New Ultrasoft - 2 laps
      New Ultrasoft - 5 laps     New Ultrasoft - 6 laps
      Old Ultrasoft - 3 laps      
Q3 P6 1:13.579 New Ultrasoft - 5 laps P3 1:12.990 Old Ultrasoft - 4 laps
            New Ultrasoft - 4 laps
Weather: air 17 °C, asphalt 20/21 °C. Cloudy
Sebastian Vettel
After P3 I was thinking about pole position, I thought it was possible. The car felt great all day, I think we did a step forward overnight. The last lap in qualifying I was very happy, I knew that it will be very close, unfortunately not close enough, so I think it wasn't entirely perfect. I lost a bit of time maybe on the exit of Turn 10, I was maybe a bit too early on power, and that compromised the traction, which maybe caused me to lose some momentum onto the straight, I don't know how much, we'll find out later, but probably half a tenth or something, so it could have been better overall. I think we all have the feeling today that we can achieve something great. We missed it, but not by much, so I hope for tomorrow. We didn't have any problem, nothing near to the issues we had in the last two races, we've been focusing on that. I think that the people back home have done a good job, trying to assist us as much as possible when we are out on track, and I think today we could show the real performance of the car. Here anything is possible, it's a track where a lot of things can happen, tomorrow's weather forecast is also quite tricky, we'll see. It's such a great place to drive, the people wave at you on an out lap and just appreciate Formula 1 being here, so the plan for tomorrow is to enjoy and try to do well.
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